Artist/Author Alley

Artist/Author Alley:

The Alley is a space where artists and authors set up shop for the duration of the con. It is a space where you can work on your art or writing, talk with potential customers, sell your work and generally get your name out there. This is different from a vendor/dealer’s table in that you sell your own work, not somebody else’s. It is in an unsecured area, so artists/authors should be prepared to take down their display each night and reset it in the morning.

Table Cost: $80.00 (Includes one Membership) – A Helper Membership will be an additional $40.00.
Table Size: 6ft X 18In Table (Hotel Skinny)

Space is very limited! Please fill out the Artist Alley Form. It will be forwarded to the Artist Alley Coordinator. For any other questions please contact the Artist Alley Coordinator.

Artist/Author Alley Form