Con Suite

ConSuite hours:

Friday: 3 pm-1 am(ish)
Saturday: 8 am-1 am(ish)
Sunday: 8 am-afternoon
With regular closings for cleaning and resets

MarsCon is a small convention that has grown through the years, changing as it grows. We have had themes of every stripe, years of low attendance and years of record breaking numbers. Throughout all the variations that have been MarsCon, one thing remains constant: The ConSuite.

We have a warmhearted group as the staff, and one priority we all have is to feed people. You may find a bowl of potato chips in our ConSuite, but it won’t be alone! It will be next to the platters of meat and cheese for making sandwiches, fresh veggies, and multiple breads and sweets.

We open for breakfast at 8am and only close briefly for a scrub down and reset until about 1 am when we close for a few hours of sleep. 8 hrs later we do it again. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks and even our own programming track! We have a non-alcoholic Mocktail party while the room parties are going on; Filk and Cookies with a prize for the best cookies brought by guests/volunteers; Gummi Bear workshop on Sat afternoon; and worship Sunday morning. There are sodas, tea, lemonade, coffee and hot tea.

Friday and Saturday nights’ dinners are hot and yummy. We have had baked potatoes with all the fixings, pasta with various sauces, Nacho & Chili bar, hot wings, hot dogs & hamburgers, roast turkey, spiral cut ham, and more! We want you to be able to come to the Con and not have to leave the hotel to get a good meal. There is a restaurant in the hotel, and we always have a list of alternative dining options, but you should not HAVE to leave. Come in, sit, and eat. There are smiles and food in plenty! Abundanza!

We’re All That! and A bag of Chips!

Contact the ConSuite

If you have food allergies, food concerns, special requests, or want to send some love to the hardworking team of the ConSuite this is the place. Email us now.