Con Suite

Marso’s Diner aka the ConSuite

Through the years the ConSuite has fed it’s fair share of con-goers and this year will be no exception.  We will be mixing it up a little this year and hope that this years experience will be a good one.  The menu is much simpler and there should be something for everyone.  When we can, we will offer a gluten free option with our main menu items.

There is also a vegan hot item along with our full service salad bar.

We will be having some live music and a coffee hour along with our very popular cookie conspiracy,  and filk & cookies.

This years Menu

Cookie Conspiracy

Marso’s Coffee House

Marso sings in Filk & Cookies

We try to make a little something for everyone but know that it is impossible.   One or more of the kitchens used to make the tasty items, uses peanut products.  They are not in any of the home made main items but are still used in the household.  If you have allergies, please make other arrangements.   A list of ingredients will be available upon request.