Crafting Independent Comics

Day 1 (Friday)

+Crafting Independent Comics 101 (1 – 1.5 Hours)

–Topic: The Essentials

++The Importance of Visual Storytelling

++Writing for an Audience of One (Your Artist)

++Story Structure on a Page


Day 2 (Saturday)

+Crafting Independent Comics 201 (1 – 1.5 Hours)

–Topic: Structure and Team Building

++Writing Your First Mini-Series or One-Shot

++How to Develop Compelling Dialog in a Limited Space

++Show Don’t Tell

++Building Your Team (Artist, Inker, Colorist, Letter, Editor)


Day 3 (Sunday)

+Crafting Independent Comics 301 (1 – 1.5 Hours)

–Topics: The Business of Independent Comics

++Importance of Social Media

++Crowd Funding

++Successful Kickstarter Techniques

++What to Expect


Brought to you by:

Kenneth Centers, Co-Writer/Co-Creator of Astropunk: Murder On Mars

Robert Farinholt: Co-Writer/Co-Creator of Astropunk: Murder on Mars

Kevin Cuffe: Writer/Creator of Oathbound, The Elvis Adventures, Full Moon Fredo

Robert Coffil: Comic Book Reviewer, Critic, and Scholar

Drew Moss: Comics Artist of Copperhead (Image Comics), Terrible Lizard (Oni Press), Blood Feud (Oni Press), The Crow: Pestilence (IDW), and others