David Lee

David Lee is the principal artist at Hatton Cross Steampunk, located in Gloucester Virginia. His art has been featured in numerous art exhibits at Steampunk conventions, festivals and art galleries throughout the US, Europe and New Zealand. He has received numerous awards for his costuming and props. David played a minor role in the soon to be released TV show “Paradox City” as well as fan films “Trial of the Mask” and “Mask of Vengeance”, two Steampunk Star Wars fan films from Unruly Mile Films. David is most recognized for his large props and his Steampunk vehicles such as the Slave 1, TIE fighter, Dalek Steam, Steampunk Chariot, Gentleman’s Armored Battle Carriage and the steampunk roadster (WIP). In July of 2013 he teamed up with other authors, artists and professional editors to found HCS Publishing, a non-profit publishing house dedicated to publishing high quality, great stories where the author is first. In 2013, his Steampunk western novel entitled “Country in Ruin:1865″ was published. In August of 2017 “The Tale of Harlesden Chessington”, a steampunk novella was released. David’s second novel “World in Ruin:1868” is due out in early 2018. David is also a contributing “DIY” author for the Steampunk Chronicle and has been featured in four published books about Steampunk fashion and costuming as well as the 2014 summer edition of “Victorian Homes”. Visit www.hcsteam.net and www.hcspublishing.com for more information.