Dealers of 2016

MarsCon 2016 Dealers List


A Steampunked Life
Custom and one of a kind jewelry, pocket watches, and steampunk accessories from head to toe.

Addie’s Arts
Unique, handcrafted beaded jewelry to compliment any look.  Necklaces, bracelets, collars, earrings.  From medieval to modern and into fantasy, this booth will try to provide something sparkly to catch your eye.  I am not a commercial artist but a Crafter who loves my art and wants to share it.  Also can find lamp-work glass beads, rosaries, and other historically inspired pieces.

Aroc Gaming
Here at Aroc Gaming, we specialize in custom and high end gaming accessories. Our custom dice bags, dice, and game pieces are sure to add a special flare to your game night!

Arte Of The Booke
Features all things related to medieval and Renaissance books, including hand-bound journals, calligraphy artwork, dip pens, handmade inks, wax seals, book-themed jewelry, and other book accessories. We are merchants at several major Renaissance festivals and occasional science fiction conventions.

Atlantis Comics and Games
Your one stop shop for all your board, card, miniature, and role playing  games; comics, graphic novels, and manga; toys, statues, and collectables. With two locations in the Greater Hampton Roads area

The Book Geek
Affordable used paperbacks and hardbacks, with a smattering of more expensive and collectible books. I concentrate primarily on classic sf and fantasy, but have some newer titles as well.

Crochetty Old Hat Lady
We make and sell a variety of crocheted items. We mostly focus on fandom hats, including tv, video games, anime. We have everything from Dr.Who to steampunk and back.  We also make handmade jewelry, bags, hairclips, and other accessories. What makes us unique is that almost EVERYTHING incorporates crochet in some way.

Davey Jones Locker
Specializes in swords, knives, and personal defense items; jewelry (mostly hand-made and some chainmail); and authentic, original movie memorabilia. We can be contacted at

Distractia Design
Started as Solomon’s Mine selling primarily belly dance costumes and accessories, we have branched out to steam punk, fairy and other genres. We are known for our footware and original designs and have provided costuming for theater, renaissance festivals, reenactors and conventions.

The Dragon’s Hoard
Dice, board games, RPGs, minis, tabletop games, stuffys

The Elven Caravan
Makes custom elf ears and whimsical accessories for all creatures!

Flying Coyote
Flying Coyote carries a mix of ojimes, netsukis [small hand-carved wooden figures/beads], hand carved stone animals, jewelry [mostly my own work], and books. The books mostly deal with predators of the four-legged variety, fiction and non-fiction.

Frank’s Cool Stuff
Sells licensed sci-fi, fantasy, horror and anime DVDs as well as tie-in merchandise.

Geek Boy Press
Makes his own geeky artwork and t-shirts based on his love of pop-culture!

Ginny Lee Creations
We carry collectible figurines of Fairies, Dragons Steam Punk and other mythical creatures. We also have a large assortment of different and unusual wine holders and resale and hand crafted coasters and trivets We make our own incense and fragrance soy wax melts, along with both resale and hand crafted incense holders and wax melt burners. Our clothing line consist of home knit scarves and hats for both adults and kids. Also a line of embroidered tote bags with numerous designs with all designs done in-house.

We also carry jewelry tile boxes from such artist as Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker along with mugs and goblets from the same artist.

Grace Gemini
Fantasy/sf/media related sculpture, home decor, toys, jewelry, gifts for most ages

Healing Hands Mobile Massage
Therapeutic chair or table massages to relieve the aches and pains of a long convention weekend.

Kitsune’s Closet
Is a purveyor of fine handmade goods. Choose from different styles of clutches, wallets, and other fun accessories in an ever-changing variety of geeky fabrics.

Lady Heather’s Fashions
We sell hand made leather goods and accessories. From form fitting hard leather corsets to leather tail coats to tea cup holsters. We specialize in steampunk, cosplay and LARP costuming. We also make some clothing and always are interested in special orders.


  • Licensed T-Shirts – Dr Who, Firefly, Princess Bride, Myth Busters, Big Bang Theory, XKCD
  • T-Shirts – We carry T-shirts from 19 different manufacturers. The topics of the shirts areMedia Fan Shirts, Gaming, Religious, Science, Mad Science, Literary, Steam Punk, etc.
  • Related Apparel – Mad Scientist Lab Coats, Aperture Lab Coats, Galifrey Lab Coats, Browncoat hats, Cthulu Ski Masks Soft Kitty Backpacks, Soft Kitty Hats, Soft Kitty Sock, Bazinga Socks, Bazinga Beanies
  • Contemporary, Fun and Geeky Buttons – that would be appropriate for educated teenage kids and adults
  • Real Fur Ears and Tails Made by Beckalyn’s Masquerade – High quality items made from recycled fur.
  • Fine Casual Women’s Clothing featuring clothes for voluptuous women.
  • We tailor these items so that we best meet the anticipated needs of the guests of the convention.
Natural Selection
Hand-sculpted original fantasy and natural history creations such as wizards, trolls, elves, fairies, dinosaurs, insects, etc.Oakley’s gently used books
Oakley’s has been an open shop on the Charlottesville, VA downtown mall for more than 18 years with more than 15 thousand carefully selected books on our shelves. We have specialties in Sci Fi/Fantasy, History and Children’s books and bring a variety of our books to convention appearances. We welcome pre-convention requests just send an email – – and we will bring the book with us to Marscon.Old Dominion Mercantile
Steampunk historical expedition supplies, time traveling, currency exchange Orielis’ Books
Used and collectible booksPixel Freak
The nerd art specialist! (8-bit inspired perler beads designs) Video game, comic book, anime, pop culture, sci fi, and fantasy related pixels!

Pixel Who
Nathan Skreslet has been a professional graphic designer for nearly 20 years. He has done book cover designs for several Doctor Who short fiction anthologies and book cover work for premiere Doctor Who non-fiction author David J. Howe on several episode and merchandise guides, as well as a series of novellas published by Telos books. He is currently a freelance graphic designer based in Richmond, Virginia.

His current original art project, PixelWho, is entering its fifth year. It is focused on creating a complete visual character dictionary and episode guide for Doctor Who fans, in limited edition 8-bit style art prints. Every pixel is individually laid by hand; no computer conversion program is used. The goal is to document every major and incidental character in story order from every Doctor as a way to celebrate the creativity and dedication of all the artists who have worked on the program over the past 50 years. He has completed limited edition prints for the 1st (Hartnell), 4th (T. Baker), 8th (McGann), 9th (Eccleston), and 10th (Tennant) Doctor series/movie runs.

PixelWho has recently teamed up with the creative minds behind “Doctor Who: Legacy,” the popular BBC Facebook and mobile game that is nearing 2 million downloads. PixelWho is providing pixelated backgrounds and characters for a special storyline called “Bigger on the Inside” which launched March 2015 and is now available to play. More chapters for “Bigger on the Inside” will be released over the next year and half, with over 100 levels to play.

Retro Daddio, LLC
Buttons, magnets, plush, jewelry, books, toys, posters, mugs–steampunk, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Princess Bride, Harry Potter, tons more!

Ripping It Down
Handmade jewelry and recyled pop culture accessories

Robert Quill
Artist for hire. Books and artist prints

Scrolling Fantasy
Wooden puzzles covering a range of real and fantasy animals.

Sir. Nicodemys
Hand made wood, metal and leather items.

Spritelings is an independent toy and game company on the East Coast. Our primary product line is an adorable species called Spritelings. Spritelings is the end result of many years of building a universe. We have always been inspired by all things cute. The primary comment we receive at comic conventions is that our plush toys are adorable and kawaii. We have a line of kawaii plush that have become very popular in the anime and comic worlds. We have sold Spriteling kawaii plush to people in almost every state so we are super excited that the brand is growing .

Stitches in Time, Inc.
Hats, Headwear, & Accessories

Studio Arethusa
Felt applique pillow covers and banners

Tangent Artists
Tangent Artists have been providing fine webcomics to the internet since 2006. At their table you can purchase printed issues of Tangent Artists comics, art, commissioned pieces, and copies of our Wolf Press Guidebooks: The Handbook for Saucy Bards and The Cleric’s Guide to Smiting—not to mention a plethora of pins, dice, scent sticks and other fun collectibles.

The Tipsy Trivets
We provides customers with handmade coasters, as well as Glittered and Etched Goblets. Make a statement with unique designs your friends will love. We have something for all of life’s parties! You can find us on the net, Facebook or email us at

Undiscovered Treasures
rock and fossil specimens and t-shirts with fossil themes.

Walt’s Cards
Non-electronic games

The Wizard’s Emporium and Terrible Tod’s Tavern
We are back again, come by the table and see what is new this year. We specialize in small to medium size blades at affordable prices.

Victorian Magpie
Handmade Steampunk Jewelry – Each treasure is created with an artists imagination, and a jewelers skill. Our vintage time pieces, buttons, and jewelry re-imagined into wearable works of art, each item is a one of a kind timeless treasure to call your own.