Elizabeth Pasieczny

Elizabeth Pasieczny is a freelance screenwriter living in New York. Elizabeth graduated Cal Arts with a degree in character animation/film. She continued her studies at Old Dominion University and earned her MFA. He thesis, “Way” was a 13 minute, hand drawn animated piece which won awards internationally. Since then, Elizabeth has focused her craft onto creating films for the family. Her shorts series, “The Continuing Adventures of Pickleman!” spoof horror films of the 1950’s. Not only are the themes reminiscent of that time, but also the camera work and special effect techniques. “Zombie Pickles from Space!” was the first episode. “Dillzilla: Titan of Terror!” the second, just won Best Family Friendly at the Queens World Film Festival in New York City.

You can see more at PicklemanProductions.com and empasieczny.com