Charity Ayres

Charity Ayres is a high school English teacher by day and a caffeine-fueled author by night. Who needs sleep anyway, right? She has a variety of published works including: short stories, non-fiction, news articles, and novels. One short work, “What’s Left Behind: Daddy’s Girl” won her placement in the 83rd Annual Writer’s Digest short story contest as an “Inspirational Short Story”. Her current list of novels fall in the Urban Paranormal Fantasy or Epic Fantasy genres and have received high reviews through multiple online and print outlets.


Charity’s initial series focuses on gods or goddesses of mythology choosing carnations in the mortal realm. Her premiere book,Loki Bound, is set in her residential area of Hampton Roads, Virginia and shows the trickster god choosing to be reincarnated as a woman. It’s an unusual take on the various forms of trickster gods and has been called, a “fun book with plenty of potential for future shenanigans with all the gods and trouble they can get into” by Kelly at Reading the Paranormal. The second book in the series, Loki: Hell Bound, follows our evil-good hero on a second adventure to protect the mortal realm from powers that would let it fall under dark influences. Our Loki hero, Cleo, has to stop it all before getting seduced or tripping over her feet – whichever happens first!


Charity has also written a first book in her Young Adult series called Secret in the Wings. In this paranormal fantasy adventure, there are children born to protect the human race from darkness that exists to seep into mortals and turn them into the worst versions of humankind: serial killers, murderers, violent psychopaths, and others. They are trained from birth as an angel/guardian duo to keep mortals safe and destroy darkness any way they can. The first novel focuses on protagonist, Joey, who is the only guardian ever born without an angel and his quest to find out the true history of their culture including why the angels no longer have wings. The book runs at a fever-pitch from beginning to end and is guaranteed to keep you guessing!


Charity’s newest release hit shelves and eBooks in August with a bang! A wild pre-release party had several known authors participating in chats and discussion panels through the event page on Facebook and via Twitter. Prizes were given as everyone celebrated this new, Epic Dark Fantasy titled Ice Burns. It has long been a project of Charity’s and was the culmination of almost ten years of work. The story follows a young woman, Chandra, who seemed born to greatness that would never come under the tutelage of a cruel master and angry fellow-students. After a life-or-death situation, Chandra finds herself on the run, trying to understand how to control magic that can help or destroy, but not at will. Chandra wants to find out who she really is, but when she does, will she be able to accept her fate or is death her only future?


Charity Ayres is a familiar face at Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and Comic Conventions where she often participates in, moderates, or runs panel discussions. She has also hosted a few writing workshops online and through events to encourage young writers to “sit down and write”! She has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and is pursuing a Doctorate of English with a focus on writing evolution. She plans to take every opportunity to encourage writing in all formats in others while building new realms of fantasy, or torturing her characters through challenges that threaten their very being. Students in her high school classes learn that passion has a place in reading and writing while swimming through a sea of sarcasm and outlandish behavior. She dreams of never-emptying cups of coffee, and entering books to ride dragons. She will stop writing when either she’s dead or the voices in her head decide to stop talking to her. So never. She’s immortal, too.