Drey Mychalus


Born and raised in the middle Atlantic region, Drey attended St. Marys College of Maryland, where he got a degree in history. While in college he discovered he liked learning things about history firsthand. A semester abroad at Oxford University studying Dark Ages led to his first masters in the Great Books Graduate program at St. Johns College. Then he realized he needed to actually earn a living. Another masters and over 30 years on he is a school librarian and has also been a gifted/talented instructional coach.

Always fascinated with history and how things work, Drey has worked as an archeologist, historical interpreter on a tall ship, crewed a Viking ship, led cavalry charges, taught medieval swordsmanship, used lots of weapons from different eras and generally been there and done as much as he can to experience and learn history first hand without the blood and other messy parts many of his ancestors had to learn the hard way. Along the way he has written poems, articles and essays on a variety of subjects. Deeply interested in the modern Pagan spiritualist revival, he has published nearly 20 articles in Witchvox under the pen name Sorbus. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his first full length novel, a steampunk themed work of hard science fiction.