Griff’s Room Band

GriffsDiscovered playing on the streets of Williamsburg, Griff’s Room Band have become a favorite of both the fans and their fellow MarsCon musicians.

“Started from the bottom now we here”… well, maybe not quite the bottom, but pretty close. Humble beginnings busking in Colonial Williamsburg for tourists and fellow students from The College of William and Mary eventually led to Griff’s Room Band’s first gig in 2012. Now the talented four-piece resides in Richmond where they’re making music and making moves. Recently they played their first show at Richmond’s premier live music venue, The National, and have a full slate of festivals lined up for the summer.

These exciting developments come on the heels of the successful self-release of their debut EP Shut The Case in July of 2014. Positive reviews have poured in from indie music blogs including this one from the 930 Club:

“Griff’s Room Band are a five-piece band that manages to cover a huge array of emotional ground within a single song. They’ve captured a snapshot of their doubtlessly entrancing live sound in their wonderful EP Shut the Case…It’s just really, really good.”

The Flat Hat noted that, “With three singers at the helm and a roots rock ethos, The Avett Brothers are the most obvious comparison, but the songwriters of Griff’s Room Band are far from copycats. They also bear some resemblance to early Wilco albums like “Being There” and “Summerteeth” and to bands like Pavement and Built to Spill in their ability to harken back to classic song structures while throwing enough curveballs to make them feel fresh and exciting.”

Richmond’s Style Weekly said that “…if the stars align just right, this band could be huge someday.” Whatever the future holds, this band is going to embrace every opportunity to perform their music together and bring the good vibes, no matter what.Griffs Zombie Fighters