Guests 2015

Special Guests of Honor

David Weber
Katherine Kurtz
David B. Coe
D.B. Jackson

Artists Guests of Honor

John and Jason Waltrip

Smof Guests of Honor

Dr. Charles Daniel Turnitsa
John Desmarais


Michael Khandelwal

Young Adult Author
Guest of Honor

Alethea Kontis

Fan Guest of Honor

Christine Tracy

Musical Guests

The Blibbering Humdingers
Danny Birt
Griff’s Room Band
Jonah Knight
Mikey Mason
Poisoned Dwarf
Valentine Wolfe

Group Guest


Performance Guests

Ellie Quinn Presents a Nerdlesque Review
Fishnet Inc. Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast
The comedy of Luna-C

Additional Guests

Jim Beall
Gina Canady
Dan Carey
John Dimes
Rob Floyd and Phyllis Floyd of Fantasmo cult Cinema Explosion
Laura Haywood-Cory
Tom Keeler
Pamela K. Kinney
Cheralyn Lambeth
James Maxey
Margaret S. McGraw
Will McIntosh
D.C. McLaughlin
James Minz
Drey Mychalus
Mike Pederson
Joelle Presby
Stephen Simmons
Travis I. Sivart (Talk of the Tavern)
Charlie Stayton
Angela Wade
Chris Weuve
Steve White
Allen Wold
Darcy Wold