Ellen Kushner

Ellen Kushner - 2014 - 3_4 shot - Melanie Fazi

Picture by Melanie Fazi

Ellen Kushner’s first novel, the cult classic Swordspoint, introduced readers to Riverside, the setting she later returned to in The Privilege of the Sword (Locus Award,  Nebula nominee); The Fall of the Kings (written with Delia Sherman) and a collection of related short stories. Kushner recorded all three novels in audiobook form for Neil Gaiman Presents/Audible.com,  winning a 2012 Audie Award for Swordspoint.  A new online collaborative prequel to Swordspoint, called Tremontaine, debuted in Fall 2015 with the e-publisher Serial Box, and continues with new adventures next year.

With Holly Black, Kushner co-edited Welcome to Bordertown, a revival of the original urban fantasy shared world series created by Terri Windling.  She has also written the World Fantasy Award-winning Thomas the Rhymer, and back in the day was responsible for five of the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series books.  Her children’s book The Golden Dreydl was adapted (by her) as The Klezmer Nutcracker for New York’s Vital Theater.

A popular performer and public speaker, Ellen Kushner created and hosted the long-running public radio show Sound & Spirit, which Bill Moyers called “the best thing on public radio.”  She has toured with shows of her own, including “Esther: the Feast of Masks.”

She is a co-founder of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, dedicated to breaking the boundaries of genre. She is currently at work on a new novel in the Riverside series.  Ellen Kushner lives in New York City with Delia Sherman and far too many pieces of paper.

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