Faye Ringel

Dr. Faye Ringel is Professor Emerita of Humanities, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT; the retirement ceremony and subsequent celebrations have passed into legend. She has published New England’s Gothic Literature (E. Mellen Press, 1995); and articles in numerous reference books, edited collections, and encyclopedias. She has published articles and presented conference papers on (among many other topics) New England vampires, urban legends, urban fantasy, demonic cooks, neo-pagans, Lovecraft, King, Tolkien,  mad scientists, Golems, Yiddish folklore and music, and on the fiction of women fantasists including Greer Gilman, Pat McKillip, Delia Sherman, Pamela Dean, and–most notably–Ellen Kushner. Faye has reviewed books for Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, Necrofile, Gothic Studies, The NEPCA Newsletter, and The Journal of American Culture. Her CD of traditional music with fiddler Bob Thurston isHot Chestnuts: Old Songs, Endearing Charms; she has performed bawdy ballads and piano blues at many a con or parlor.