James Fulbright

James Fulbright pic for bioJames Fulbright’s first introduction to fannish activities was in 1979, when he met a new friend who owned a game called AD&D. James joined his first gaming group that year, and began a long, slow decent into a larger world.

Through gaming, James met up with some folks who convinced him to attend StellarCon 8. He had such a great time interacting with the fans at the convention that he began attending meetings of StellarCon’s parent organization, the Science Fiction Fantasy Federation. He was an active member of that group for 25 years. Interacting with fans also introduced James to another fannish pursuit, running conventions.  Most of his con-running experience has been with StellarCon, where he’s been the Con Manager (same thing as a Con Chair), Marketing Director, and Operations Manager.  In addition to StellarCon, James has worked VIP Registration at DragonCon, has helped run Programming for RavenCon, was part of the founding board of ConCarolinas, served on the BidCom for DeepSouthCon 46, and served as an advisor for the founding board of Trinoc-coN.  Basically, he was involved in running cons on one level or another from 1983-2007, when he finally said “enough,” and retired.  His retirement lasted until the spring of 2013, when he made a silly decision to not only get back into con running, but also become part owner, President, and Con Chair of ConGregate in North Carolina.

As one might expect, attending conventions also led to costuming, more specifically, pirate costuming. James has been the captain of the Greensboro chapter of the Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast since 1999. As part of that group, he gives historical lectures on the Golden Age of Piracy, participates in events for children and performs stage combat routines with his crew.