Jim Minz

Baen Books Executive Editor James Minz has been employed in genre publishing for more than two decades, having first worked for Tor for more than a decade, then briefly for Del Rey (SF/F imprint of Random House), until finally, on the centennial of Robert A. Heinlein’s birth, landing at Baen.

Over the years, Minz has worked with Catherine Asaro, John Birmingham,  Jeffrey Carver, David B. Coe,  Larry Correia,  Hal Duncan,  David Farland, Eric Flint,  Terry Goodkind,  Elizabeth Haydon,  Nancy Kress,  Mercedes Lackey,  Sharon Lee & Steve Miller,  L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Jody Lynn Nye, Andre Norton,  Frederik Pohl,  John Ringo,  Robert J. Sawyer, Melissa Scott,  Karl Schroeder, Travis S. Taylor,  Harry Turtledove,  Vernor Vinge, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Peter Watts,  David Weber,  Jack Williamson,  Gene Wolfe,  and Timothy Zahn, among many, many, many others. His vices remain SF/F, animation, Wisconsin sports teams, role-playing games, quality beer and booze, and sweets (especially chocolate).