Joelle Presby

JoelleJoelle Presby’s most recent book – The Road To Hell – was co-written with David Weber and continues the Hell’s Gate Multiverse series. While Joelle has only lived in one universe, she delights in writing stories about other ones. She’s gotten to add fiction to some of her favorite authors’ anthologies and looks forward to sharing a new novel in a story universe of her own.

Joelle attended the United States Naval Academy. Robert A. Heinlein had survived the place, so going seemed like a good idea at the time. After graduation and commissioning, she studied how to find and kill submarines at Naval Postgraduate School and began dating a submarine officer. During her six and a half years of naval service, nations with significant submarine fleets stubbornly refused to go to war with the United States. But even though she was neither a war hero nor cannon fodder, she did still get the guy.

Joelle’s book collection has survived seventeen household moves and four hurricane-induced floods. She’s lived in France, Cameroon, the United States, and Japan. She and her husband, the submarine officer, live in Virginia and prefer living with hurricanes rather than moving again.

In addition to loving science fiction and fantasy, she is an avid fan of NOAA storm surge predictions, evacuation routes, and keeping personal libraries in easily-portable ebook form.

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