Jonah Knight

Jonah Knight’s resume has become more complex over the past years.

Look_Up_resizedAs a musician, he wasthe Filk Guest of Honor at ConCarolinas 2014, the fourth time a convention has bestowed upon him this designation. He has also begun performing at weddings! On three occasions, folks he met at conventions got engaged and asked him to perform his songs about ghosts and monsters at the rehearsal, reception, and during the ceremony.

He is also a podcaster. His show Pros And Cons (, co-hosted with Mikey Mason, was an official 2013 Parsec Finalist. The show, about geek music and convention culture, is released weekly. He also serves as the show-runner (developmental editor) for Antimatter Press ( focusing on episodic and serialized fiction. Antimatter will release quite a few books in 2014 that Jonah has worked on.

The Bio below is taken from his Official Website.

Slightly Longer First Person Bio

I am a singer/songfighter focusing on songs about being haunted. Ghosts and monsters, angels and demons, empty places and empty people.

In early 2010 I had an actual moment of clarity.

I was playing at a songwriter showcase and started chatting with another s/sw. It turned out that we were describing ourselves almost exactly the same. Midwestern aesthetic, wide open spaces, travel stories, character studies. Musically we didn’t sound a thing alike but the descriptions were true.

While mulling it over, it occurred to me that although I have been a fan of scifi/fantasy/horror stuff almost all my life, I had never written any music in those genres. I was about to begin recording my second album, Ghosts Don’t Disappear, and I quickly switched a couple songs to create a more overt theme. My third album, The Exploration of Dangerous Places, has a supernatural danger theme. My fourth, Nobody Gets The Girl: songs for the novel by James Maxey, are six low-fi songs inspired by the superhero book. My fifth album, Age Of Steam: Strange Machines, is steampunk in a supernatural world. My sixth album, Another Creepy Christmas, is a collection of creepy Christmas songs.

Much Longer Bio


The first band I was in during high school in Farmington, CT, was Da’ Plain Truth. We were a bad, suburban rap group. The songs were bad. The one show we did was probably bad. Me thinking I should be a rapper was also bad. But I do trace a lot of my lyric writing and vocal delivery back to this. I think that I often have a rhythmic delivery not common in acoustic music. And a guy I went to high school with has become a pretty big West Coast MC. He told me that he credits me with getting him into hip hop.

While attending the University of South Dakota I really started writing songs. I’m probably around 300 songs now, but that includes a lot of bad things that I’ve long since forgotten. Which brings me to my theory of writing. If you want 50 songs you feel good about, you have to write 150 songs that are embarrassing or don’t quite work.


In 2001 I was diagnosed with arthritis. I was at a point where I couldn’t predict when I would get knee, wrist, or back pain. I was on Viox for a while and got nothing except heart palpitations.

Turns out I was misdiagnosed. What I actually have is a wheat allergy. In my case, when I overdose on wheat I get arthritis-like symptoms. So if I have a low low wheat diet I’m pain free.

I mention this because I want you to bring me some cookies. Just make sure they’re gluten free.

Theatre Stuff

After being diagnosed with arthritis I gave up music and started to write plays with some success. I won a grant from the MD arts council, a play commission from the city of Frederick, admission into the Kennedy Center’s emerging playwrights training program, and a fair number of productions. I also spent from 2004-2007 as the artistic director for The New Play House, a theatre company focused on developing new plays.

I also produced Theatrically Speaking. The first playwriting podcast in the history of recorded time.

When The New Play House closed at the end of 2007, I spent a while rethinking what I wanted to do. I knew about the wheat allergy thing so after dabbling with video game writing and indi film making I went back to music.


My lovely wife, Lisa, and I had a baby in 2007. Milo Fox is crazy and possibly smarter than you.

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