Charlie Stayton

C708203c7dfab42f78e3a8ffba5e27891harlie Stayton is a writer and developer for Parlor Gaming –  The makers of Tephra the Steampunk Roleplaying Game.
His love for RPG’s began with a xerox copy of rules for D&D in 1976 and he hasn’t looked back since. Being a lover of history and science naturally led him into the Steampunk genre.
Charlie has released his first published adventure “The Great Airship Robbery” and currently working on several other projects for Parlor Gaming, and has been writing sci-fi short stories. He has been published in Steampunk for Simpletons, The Masonic Herald, and Register Magazine.
He can be followed on facebook and he can be found at most sci-fi and gaming conventions in his Kilt leading panels and running games.

He currently lives in Williamsburg, VA with his wife Anastasia, his Clockwork Dog Gwyn.