Travis Sivart

Nick-and-ITravis I. Sivart is a Jack-Of-All-Trades. He has done mundane jobs like restaurants, retail, construction, DMV, Notary, tech help, and more as well as more exotic trades such as; singing pirate, exorcist and paranormal researcher, Duke, cigar and pipe connoisseur, master of dungeons, a knight, therapist, minister, and has degrees religion and metaphysics.

Travis I Sivart lives in a state of constant flux between Richmond, VA and Washington, DC with his son. He has written and published science fiction, steampunk, horror, and fiction in the forms of poetry, short stories in more than a dozen anthologies, full length novels, as well as editorials on manners, pipe smoking, and medieval re-enactment. He can be found hosting his weekly “GeekCon” internet radio show, Talk of the Tavern, or at