A fun and successful con requires more than just the Senior Staff who work year-round contacting the Guests of Honor, lining up vendors for the Dealers Room, contacting artists and authors for our Art Room, Artists & Authors Alley, scheduling events, working with the hotel, and all sorts of other stuff to make to make the magic happen.
Making a fun and successful con happen requires one more critical element You – yes, YOU! Individuals like you who want to be a part of the event and help make it happen is the secret ingredient, the special sauce, that brings it all together.

And, if you give a little to MarsCon, we will give something back to you. Your con registration…

Hours Volunteered Discount from Registration Fees
0-3 $5
4-6 $15
7-9 1/2 off
10+ Free

Volunteering is easy. You can sign up below or ask about volunteering at Registration.

Areas needing Volunteers:

  • Registration
  • Information
  • ConSuite
  • Game Room
  • Programming
  • Art Gallery
  • Set up/Take down
  • Entertainment
  • Security

Volunteers for MarsCon

  1. Volunteers must be 16 years or older, if their parent or legal guardian is not present at the Con, in order to be an official volunteer. Any child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and will serve with that person for their volunteer hours. No child under 12 will serve as a volunteer.
  2. Volunteers should abide by the Guidelines for Volunteers as stated below.
  3. Volunteers will be given a time sheet with their volunteer hours. Senior staff members or their designated representative will sign off on the time sheet for hours worked. For programming volunteers, the volunteer coordinator staff can also sign off on the hours.
  4. New Volunteers will purchase a membership and be reimbursed after their hours are worked. Returning volunteers may be granted the privilege of not paying upfront but if they are found to not complete the hours agreed upon, will be required to reimburse the Con for those hours. Volunteers must present to the registrar appropriate documentation to be reimbursed.
  5. Any conflict arising from the rules during the convention should be brought to the Volunteer Coordinator and Con Chair as soon as possible but no later than the end of the convention to resolve.

Guidelines for Volunteers at MarsCon:

Thank you for volunteering at MarsCon. This convention could not happen without volunteers like you. MarsCon has developed a few guidelines for volunteers to ensure that everyone knows the expectations of volunteers and staff alike. We ask that you sign this agreement to affirm your willingness to obey the following rules in accordance with those expectations. When on duty, volunteers represent the convention and are the face associated with the staff, we all want that to be a positive association.

  1. Be Courteous & Act Professionally – Interact with all attendees and staff with a polite, accommodating attitude. If there are issues please notify the appropriate senior staff member as soon as possible.
  2. Be Discreet – In the course of your duties you may hear or see things that are not for the general public. Please handle this information with discretion. Do not publically discuss business most fit for Con staff. Do not publically speculate about Con guests or attendees, their behavior or appearance.
  3. Present yourself positively – This includes good personal hygiene, grooming, and mode of dress. Costume and Cosplay are allowed during volunteering – but please take into consideration your duties and dress appropriately (comfortable clothing is best – MarsCon T shirt and jeans always works). If you need to wash or freshen up, there is a free single-occupancy shower available to all con attendees in the Anime room.
  4. Perform Your Duties As Agreed – Be where you have agreed to volunteer on-time and perform as needed and directed by the senior staff member or other staff member who is in charge of the venue. Should an emergency or necessity arise, please notify a staff member as soon as possible, preferably before leaving your station. All restrictions or conditions which may impact your duties must be announced previous to beginning any shift. If requested to perform a reasonable duty, refusal may result in being dismissed without being able to make up the hours.
  5. Be of Sound Mind & Body – Volunteering while under the influence of, or the use of, non-prescribed mood-altering drugs, substances, and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited while on-shift. Abuse of substances while volunteering may result in dismissal as a volunteer, or in extreme cases, contact of local law enforcement.
  6. Know Your Contacts – If issues arise, first report to the senior or regular staff responsible for the venue. If there is serious trouble, contact the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible. Your duty as a volunteer is to report large issues to the appropriate staff, not the resolve the problems yourself.

Upon signing this agreement and acknowledging the guidelines contained herein, the volunteer will be given a timesheet with the times and venues recorded for their assignments. The sheet is to be stamped by the senior staff at the venue, both for arrival and departure, to verify successful fulfillment of volunteer duties. The timesheet can then be returned to the staffing coordinator for recompense as per the volunteer policy.

MarsCon reserves the right to deny volunteer services should the above guidelines be violated. If a volunteer is found to have violated the rules they may be receive sanctions which may include revocation and/or barring of volunteer status or even full suspension from all current and/or future MarsCon events with or without refund.

MarsCon runs only because of the volunteers – even senior staff are volunteers. Together we make this great adventure called a science fiction/fantasy convention a reality. We provide, for the weekend, a safe place to express ourselves, indulge in our creativity and simply hang out with friends. Our volunteers give of themselves so that others can play, and there are no words to truly express the appreciation for that service. Thank you. Thank you for the bottom of my heart and the heart of all the staff. We appreciate you. Please enjoy the weekend, your service helps make sure everyone else does as well!

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator

Please contact us to request additional information, or to volunteer! When you respond please provide us with the following information:

  • Have you volunteered at MarsCon previously? If you’ve volunteered at MarsCon previously please tell us what year and which area.
  • Please include any special skills or experience you feel would would be helpful.
  • Which area you’d like to volunteer for (if available): Registration, Information, ConSuite, Game Room, Programming, Art Gallery, Set up/Take down, Entertainment, Security, Any or All