Mark Geary

Mark is a RPG Campaign Coordinator, Writer, and unconfirmed werewolf whose been involved with gaming in the Mid-Atlantic region forever. Mark served as the RPG Convention Coordinator for various conventions up and down the East Coast, as well as Campaign Coordinator and senior judge for Defenders International, a Mid-Atlantic super-hero RPG campaign which ran from 1986 – 2016.  Mark is the contributing writer and developer of the Jack O’ Lantern MSH blog, which deals with out of print super hero games, has written for various RPG and fan-related magazines, and occasionally is mistaken for another Mark Geary out in Ohio and various other Mark Geary’s here and there.

Mark may secretly be working for Hydra (which is not much of a secret), has a lot of cats, and does his own stunts. Also, it’s probably important to note that if Mark was a werewolf, he’d deny it…which is suspiciously what someone who was secretly a werewolf might say. Very suspicious.