MarsCon’s Musical Chopped

MarsCon Chopped

An adventure in off-the-cuff songwriting.  Four teams will be given random subjects to include in a song and 10 minutes to come up with their best work yet.  At the end of each round, one team will be Chopped.  Who will the very first MarsCon Chopped Champion be? 


Each team will be given four subjects in a sealed envelope.  Each item will be printed on a card with an image & caption.  The teams will then have a time limit (varies by round) to create a 2 minute “song” that includes all four of the mystery “ingredients” (either by name or imagery).

In addition, there will be four fortune cookies, one for each team.  At any point a team may choose to exclude one of the mystery topics for the content of the cookie.  However, if the team chooses to open the cookie, the fortune must be included in that round’s song.

At the end of each round, the perfumers will have 2 minutes to perform their song and then the judges will get two minutes to choose which team gets “Chopped.”  At the end of Round Three, the team not Chopped will be declared the winner.