Family Programming 2016

MarsCon Family Programming 2016

Family Programming is intended to provide fun and family-friendly activities for kids of all ages. Parents, please remember that these activities are not run as a drop off service; you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your elflings at all times. The room called Harrison 4 will be generally dedicated to Family Programming, though other programs in other rooms may also be family-friendly. MarsCon expects parents and guardians to monitor their children’s attendance at all times to be sure the content is appropriate for each individual.

Friday, January 15

6 pm – Friday Evening Meet and Greet: Families with kids are invited to play some games, work a puzzle, and possibly make some new Con Buddies with whom to hang out over the weekend. Hardy (S)

7pm – Puppet Building Workshop: Join Cheralyn Lambeth as she shares her most excellent professional experience in this exciting field. Lambeth

8pm – Bedtime Stories: Family friendly fannish stories and activities to wear out the youngins. Need we say more? Family Programming Super Team

9pm – Fantasy and Sci Fi for Today’s Kids: What can be said about the role of kid’s lit for these genres? What are some good examples of fiction to interest younger boy and girl readers (that are fun for many adults too)? Learn how to navigate review sites like Goodreads to find quality stuff to keep your kids properly Geek. Mychalus, McLaughlin, Hardesty, Siebigteroth (B), Siebigteroth (R), Birt (D)

Saturday, January 16

9am and 1pm – Lego Robot Bash (room D): Robotic Battles- build an attachment and be the first on your team to move your payload to the docking area with unique attachments you and your teammates create. FIRST robotics team will be there to show off their competition robots and answer questions about how to get on a robotics team in your area. Nichols and Bergenstock

10am – Superhero Academy (Taekwondo Action): Xtreme Dragons Black Belt Academy ( will show you their moves in an exciting performance, then get you up and moving as you try Superhero Skills and Drills. Armstead

11am – Superhero Academy (Character Creation): Kids will have opportunities to create their own superhero persona, make a cape, and get their face painted with their own superhero mask or symbol. Family Programming Super Team

1pm – Family Picnic: Grab a sandwich or cookies at the hotel vending station located outside the Family Programming room and enjoy time with other like-minded families with kids!  When the young ones are done eating we’ll have crafts and games to entertain while parents get a chance to finish munching.

1pm – Live Action Star Wars Chess: (Auditorium) Come dressed in your best garb for either the Light Side or… the Dark Side. Our Jedi and Sith masters will move you around the life size chess board as the onlookers cheer you on. Prizes will be awarded and surprises will make you giggle, grumble, and gufaw. All ages are welcome although to be on the board one must be able to hold relatively still for the length of play (up to an hour). Star Wars garb not required to play – we’ll slap something on you if necessary! Dudley

2pm – Superhero Science: How does Aquaman bend water? Could you push and pull metal objects faster than Magneto? What are those plasma blasts that Havok generates? Family Programming Super Team

3pm – Ye Olde Art of Finger Weaving:

Fingerloop braiding is an old technique of unknown origin found almost worldwide where threads are used paired as loops and isn’t done on a loom. There is some evidence that rope may have been made as well, but the examples found have been silk threads and were used to lace up clothes or as decoration on purses and clothing.

This technique is well suited to any age especially young people. For pre-teens and teens progress can be seen quickly and for younger children (approx, 4th grade up ) it is a good way to help with motor skills. In this class we will make a bracelet length piece using larger ‘thread’ for instruction purposes such as thin ribbon or waxed linen. Engle

3pm – Flabbergast Magic Show (auditorium): All budding wizards and witches invited to attend this entertaining spectacle of magical flair! MacDicken

4pm – Mighty Mission: Use those superhero skills honed at the Academy as kids and their teams are led on a hunt around the hotel worthy of champions. Teams such as the Avengers, Justice League, X-Men, Incredibles will solve a puzzles to find clues which will lead them to the next checkpoint. Appropriate for kids ages 8-16. Parents are encouraged to follow along with their superheroes. Hollands

5:30pm – Family Picnic: Grab a sandwich or cookies at the hotel vending station located outside the Family Programming room and enjoy time with other like-minded families with kids!  When the young ones are done eating we’ll have crafts and games to entertain while parents get a chance to finish munching.

7pm – More Bedtime Stories: Bedtime stories and activities brought to you by honest to goodness writers of children’s books. Wow! Birt (C), Birt (D), Kontis

8pm – Chibi Room: Kids and teens are invited to enjoy stories, games, crafts and other activities based on popular family-friendly Japanese anime. Johnson

Sunday, January 17

11am – Family Table Games: Learn a new game that is great to play with kiddos, or just bring your favorite and have time and a space to play it. Hardy (G) and Bevins (B)

11am – Childrens Scribe School (room 11): For the budding sci-fi and fantasy writers of the younger generation. Kontis and Birt

12pm – Science Experiments for Kids: Bring the kids and watch their eyes get bigger. From parents in the know. Siebigteroth and Hardesty

1pm – Ooey Goey Operation: Oh yes, and what you pull out of our critters can be eaten… if you dare. Holmes

2pm – Survival Kits for the Unusual in a Usual World: Ever feel “different” from the rest of the crowd? Do you have trouble “fitting in”? Curious about ADHD, Asperger, sensory processing, autism, and other related conditions? Join our panel of experts as they discuss coping strategies for every day living. This is the place where listeners are ENCOURAGED to bring their Rubik’s Cube, crochet, and other fidgets to show off! Appel and Herndon