The Bob Ellis Film Festival

The Bob Ellis Film Festival is an event supported by both MarsCon and RavenCon in honor of our deceased friend Bob Ellis. It is a contest for budding film makers to show their love and appreciation of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and other forms of Fandom Films. Costumers, Artists, Film Makers and others have another venue to share their talents in a form they hadn’t previously engaged in.

The deadline to turn in your entry is December 4th, 2016. The preferred submission format would be in MP4, for easier viewing and sharing, but if you are unable to do so it can be converted.

Once your films have been turned in, the judges will watch each film and grade them to determine a winner. The films will be shown at the convention, so please keep them Family Friendly. The winner will be announced at the showing and once again at the Closing Ceremonies.

The rules can be downloaded here. To enter please fill out this Form. If you have further questions please contact Wade Cutrell at here.