Sweet ’16 – Celebrating Women in Science Fiction

2016 Marsa riding rocket color website
Writer GOH
Ellen Kushner

Artist GOH
Sarah Clemens

Special Guest
Delia Sherman

Musical GOH
S.J. Tucker

YA Writer GOH
Alethea Kontis

Michael Khandelwal

Christine Gallipeau

In Our New Location!!!

DoubleTree Williamsburg


Over 40,000 Square Feet of Programming Space. More Parking (we are serious this time folks). 295 Rooms. $74.00 room rates (Quad Occupancy).

Doctor Who Tea Party!

This year the Doctor Who Tea Party has expanded. We will now have two seatings with Sixty available seats. The cost for all the fun and great food will only be $5.00. Forty seats for each seating will be available online. Reserve them here! Come back for further updates!!