Gaming Room hours:

Friday: 3pm-12mid (ish)
Saturday: 9am-12mid(ish)
Sunday: 9am-3pm(ish)

Gaming is a huge part of MarsCon, and in 2018 it will be better than ever! Much of the 2nd floor of the Con will be entirely devoted to gaming. So whether you’re into board games, card games, dungeon crawls, or role-playing adventures, there will be something for you to enjoy.

Check back as we get closer to the Con. We’ll post more information (including a game schedule) when GM’s and organizers begin submitting their events. Online player sign-up for games will open at least a couple weeks before the convention and will be announced well in advance.

QuickfireGaming Guest of Honor

A special treat for us this year, Tonya Woldridge will be our gaming GOH! She’s the Organized Play Coordinator for Pathfinder Society (Paizo, Inc.) and will be running a few games and panels throughout the weekend. More info to come.

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Game masters that run at least 6 hours of games get half off the weekend membership price, or free weekend membership if they run at least 10 hours of games.